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My name is Marcel Cristocea and I am a fashion/people photographer based in Montreal.

I am originally from Constanta, a city on the Black Sea coast of Romania. I discovered photography at the age of 22. Initially, I was attracted to nature photography, but in time I discovered that photographing people was more rewarding to me. Ever since I was a child I was fascinated with meeting new people and listening to their stories. Slowly I started to follow this path and I moved from landscape to photographing people.

I believe great photography is a TEAM effort. It is all about the connection between the photographer and the people that take part in the photo session, even if it is just a simple portrait. Good chemistry will always shine through in the final photograph. It is very important for me to make the people I am photographing feel relaxed in front of the camera and have them show their natural expression.

My work has been published in Papercut Magazine, Fashionising.com, Vulkan Magazine, Piction Magazine,  Elegant Magazine, Ellements Magazine, Estela Magazine, Fantastics Magazine and many more.

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