SPECIAL OFFER: 30% OFF if you book before July 15, 2015!

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Corporate Photography with Marcel Cristocea: Your image matters!

As the business world is connecting on a global scale, the need to showcase your best appearance matters today more than ever. Having a corporate portrait that translates your business acumen into a visual avatar will allow you to command a presence that leaves a lasting impression with your network, whether online or in print.

With great attention to detail and photographic experience across two continents, we can work together and bring your corporate image to the next level.

We offer the following:

  -  Professional Branding: as you are promoting your personal brand, your visual signature will give you the ability to command an ongoing presence on various mediums.

  -  Winning corporate headshots: whether you are updating your business card, your corporate website, or representing yourself on print collaterals, your image will be adaptable for these mediums and beyond.

  -  Suited for your LinkedIn Profile Picture: make your first online impression a lasting one: as you are growing your online rolodex, having a profile picture that puts a face behind your accomplishments will lead to more sincere connections.

Your image matters! Don’t wait any longer, book your 2-hour session today through either:  

  1. Calling Marcel at: (438) 394 1383

  2. Filling this form below:

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Put your best foot forward with Marcel Cristocea Photography and book with us today!

SPECIAL OFFER: 30% OFF if you book before July 15, 2015!

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